Crusader Kings 3 Finally Releases On Tuesday

The latest game in Paradox Interactive’s medieval strategy RPG series, Crusader Kings III, releases tomorrow, September 1. It’ll be available exclusively on PC and will be sold on Steam.

As in the past, Crusader Kings III is set in medieval times and allows players to control an ongoing dynasty of rulers as they seek to keep their kingdom going despite various obstacles over a series of generations.

It’s been a long wait for the new game, with Crusader Kings II having released way back in 2012. A stream of expansion packs have been released in the meantime, but Tuesday’s launch marks the biggest evolution in the series in nearly a decade.

Our Crusader Kings III review states, “In a sense, Crusader Kings 3 is all over the place. It doesn’t always work perfectly, and at times it really makes you work for it, but there’s something amazing in that any of it works at all. Strategy games can tell interesting stories as their empires rise and fall, but their procedural narratives are rarely as affecting and poignant as they are here.”

Crusader Kings III offers players the ability to play as noble houses with rulers from Iceland, India, Finland, and Central Africa, among others. The game spans across five centuries.

Each character players control or interact with will have their own unique personality, affecting the events and options that occur in-game. These events will be inspired by real events from history, including holy wars that were waged, peasant revolts, and real wars that were sparked over an inheritance.

The game will also introduce new lifestyles, skills, 3D portraits, a new stress mechanic, traits, religious leaders, appearances, and the ability to influence the genetic code of future generations.

Crusader Kings III is available to pre-order on PC, Mac, and Linux on the Paradox Store for $50.

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