Death Stranding Video Shows How Some Of Its New Features Will Work

Kojima Productions has released a brief video showcasing some of the changes coming in Death Stranding’s upcoming patch. The update is due to arrive in mid-December.

One of the most requested changes from the community is the option to delete other players’ vehicles. Death Stranding is a shared-world game; you’ll never see other players, but structures they’ve built, such as bridges, roads, ladders, and postboxes, will appear in your game and can be interacted with. The same is true with vehicles, giving you the chance to commandeer those abandoned by other players. This becomes a problem, however, when vehicles are abandoned in inopportune places–especially by those eager to troll.

Sometimes a derelict truck is a mere nuisance, blocking a road or a doorway and forcing you to climb behind the driver’s seat to move it. Other times, like with The Cosplayer’s shelter, a truck can completely block an entrance with no feasible way to circumnavigate it unless you have explosives handy. The latest patch aims to rectify this issue by giving you the option to remove other player’s vehicles by simply holding down the options button.

The video also reveals that the patch will let you see the Odradek scanner through cargo on Sam’s back. When the scanner is locating BTs, the cargo will become transparent once these changes are implemented, preventing Sam’s payload from blocking your line of sight to a crucial survival tool.

Aside from this, Kojima Productions tweeted last month that the upcoming update would also give players the option to increase the game’s small text size.

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