Destiny 2 Hotfix Makes Seraph Towers Easier To Speed Up 'The Lie' Mission

After a day of working on the first part of Destiny 2’s latest quest, The Lie, things are going a little slow. In response, Bungie has adjusted this season’s Seraph Tower event to help pick up the pace and make things easier.

Bungie tweeted on May 13 that it was releasing a hotfix into Destiny 2 that would tweak the Seraph Towers and The Lie’s quest requirements to help players complete it. Seraph Tower progression has been tweaked slightly, and the Champion enemies that show up as the last phase of the event have been made a little weaker. Bungie also adjusted The Lie so that each Seraph Tower completion counts for five times as much quest progression–and 10 times as much on the weekends.

The new quest came into the game with the weekly reset on May 12, which datamining suggests will lead to the return of the Destiny 1 legendary shotgun Felwinter’s Lie. But the first step of the quest requires the community to work together and complete Seraph Tower events–according to the datamines, Destiny players have to log 3 million event completions on each of the three planets that house Seraph Towers. After one day of play, the count is at 5% total completions in the EDZ, and only 1% on the moon and Io.

Players have complained that the Seraph Tower events are too tough, which is part of why the progress is so slow. About halfway through the season, Bungie adjusted the Tower events to be tougher, and that adjustment made it so failing the event altogether happens a lot more often, which doesn’t advance progression on The Lie at all.

Already the adjustment seems to be working. When we checked on The Lie’s progress at the daily reset at 10 AM PST, it was sitting at 5% for the EDZ area. As of this writing, the counter is up to 8%, just a few hours later. Hopefully, players will be able to hurry and complete the Seraph Towers portion so we can move on to the rest of the steps to unlock Felwinter’s Lie.

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