Destiny 2 Treasure Chest: Where To Find Gaze Into Death's Eyes Bounty Chest

The Season of Opulence brings new avenues to earn Powerful gear in Destiny 2, helping you work up to the new Power level cap of 750. Each week sees a new slate of bounties from Werner 99-40, Emperor Calus’s emissary on Nessus, that send you on a treasure hunt throughout the solar system. Finding those treasures can earn you new Powerful gear, as well as Imperials and Runes to use in Menagerie runs with your Chalice of Opulence.

This week’s bounties include Gaze Into Death’s Eyes, a bounty that’s all about blasting enemies at close range with a host of powerful weapons. Once you’ve finished the bounty, you can go search for the Calus treasure chest, located on Mars. The video above will show you where the chest is hidden–and we’ve got even more details in our written guide.

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