Destiny 2's Triumphs Are Getting A Massive Overhaul For Beyond Light

Destiny 2’s pursuit of in-game achievements is getting a big overhaul, now that the Destiny Content Vault will soon begin locking certain activities away in an effort to streamline the game. Introduced in the Forsaken expansion, Triumphs track in-game progress and reward players with a title beneath their name once a select number of tasks have been completed.

In a new blog post, Bungie explained how Triumphs will evolve in Destiny 2, when a revised system for them is introduced on November 10 when Beyond Light releases. Bungie’s goal is to provide pursuits that will reward all types of players, while also allowing Guardians to show off their accomplishments more easily. The new Triumph system will include a score that corresponds to the totality of everything that a player has accomplished in the game, which is split into active and lifetime scores.

Beyond Light Triumphs focus on story content, Season 12 Triumphs have seasonal goals to achieve and Lifetime Triumphs are focused on teaching new players more about the game.

Beyond Light Triumphs

  • Include a set of Triumphs that targets this year’s destination, Europa
  • These Triumphs all have scores.
  • They include the content on the destination story missions, strikes, raid, and Lost Sectors.

Season 12 Triumphs

  • These Triumphs will all have a score.
  • We like the pattern of rewarding Seasonal currency for completing these Triumphs and will continue to do so.
  • These Triumphs will stick around for as long as the Seasonal content does.
  • While active, the seasonal Triumph score will still contribute to your active score.
  • When the Seasonal content is no longer available, the Seasonal set moves under Legacy Triumphs and they no longer contribute to your Active Score.
  • They will still contribute to your career score.

Lifetime Triumphs

  • These Triumphs are all about teaching players all the things you can do in Destiny.
  • These will mostly target new players as they join our ranks.
  • They will focus on helping players explore Destiny’s sandbox and game modes.
  • If new systems are added to the game, this pool will grow.

Legacy Triumphs will remember the total Triumph scores of players and display them on an updated screen. Inside the game, every Triumph that contributed to a Seal will be displayed under these Legacy Triumphs and players will be able to equip the Titles they’ve earned. These Legacy Triumphs contribute to your career scores only and any Triumph content that is moved to the Destiny Content Vault will also become a part of these achievements.

After November 10, the Luna, Dreaming City, Tangled Shore, EDZ, and Nessus Triumphs will be turned into destination sets, and earning them will also contribute to active Triumph scores. Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard Triumphs will be easier to earn when their size is reduced, while Lifetime Triumphs will be more challenging when the size of that set is increased.

This week also saw more details revealed on two of the new Stasis subclasses in Beyond Light and how Guardians will be able to harness the power of The Darkness. The Warlock Shadebinder is a tricky force to be reckoned with from any distance, while the Titan Behemoth can entrap enemies in Stasis crystals and then shatter them apart with powerful melee techniques.

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