Elite: Dangerous’ new Fleet Carrier will dock up to 16 ships at a time

Elite: Dangerous’ long awaited new Personal Fleet Carriers are finally on their way to the game. The massive ship was revealed by developer Frontier during Gamescom with a flashy new trailer that shows off all of its features.

The Fleet Carrier will be able to carry up to 16 player ships with eight landing pads for large ships, four for medium, and four for small. While it may be called the Personal Fleet Carrier, the ship will allow the owner to give permission to other players to dock there as well. The Carrier will allow players to repair and refuel their ships as well as modify their gear.

Players can also outfit their Carrier with custom loadouts for specific purposes. These loadouts will determine what kind of services and modules are on the ship and can provide support for activities like Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Pirate, Trader, Smuggler, Mine, Explorer, and Search and Rescue.

Each player will be able to have just one Fleet Carrier. As for getting them, Carriers will be available to buy in-game for a “large amount of credits” though Frontier hasn’t specified what exactly that means yet. According to the trailer, The Fleet Carrier is set to arrive in Elite: Dangerous later this year in December. That’s well in advance of the next paid content update, which isn’t expected until late 2020.

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