Fall Guys Has Disabled Steam Family Sharing Due To Rampant Cheating

Let’s be honest: some of us just hate fun. It’s difficult to think of any other reason why someone would cheat in Fall Guys, a game about jelly-men bouncing against each other as they compete for supremacy. Now, developer Mediatonic has discovered that banned cheaters were using Steam’s Family Sharing feature–which allows users to share their library with other accounts–in order to get a new lease on their cheating career.

It’s unclear how long this measure will last. This is Mediatonic’s latest move in its war against Fall Guys cheaters. Previously, the game’s official Twitter account indicated that the studio was “tuning the detection criteria” to root them out, as well as possibly banning cheaters mid-match instead of at the end.

Fall Guys has proven to be a massive success, with it being officially named the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time. Season 2 of the game will be revealed at Gamescom. In the meantime, the studio says it has a lot of different ideas for its next minigames, including a potential squad mode.

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