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For the past couple of months, publishers and retailers have been giving away tons of free games to promote social distancing. We’ve been keeping a running list of every free game you can claim on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile. Another free PC game has joined the list, and it’s the cult classic strategy game Evil Genius. All you need to do to snag Evil Genius is sign up for a Rebellion account, and then link it to your Steam account to add the game to your library. It’s unclear when the promotion ends, so you should scoop this free game up as quickly as possible.

Originally released in 2004, Evil Genius puts you in the shoes of one of three budding criminal masterminds on a quest for world domination. Played from an isometric perspective, you create your own secret lair filled with laboratories for experiments, training facilities, and obstacles such as traps and interrogation devices. Over the course of the campaign, you manage a growing minion army and recruit muscle to guard your elaborate base while developing weapons capable of executing your nefarious plans.

It earned a 7.3/10 (back when GameSpot had a 100-point review scale) in our Evil Genius review. Evil Genius also holds an “Overwhelmingly Positive” user rating on Steam. If you’re a fan of base-building strategy games, Evil Genius is definitely worth checking out. Plus, you can use this opportunity to prep for Evil Genius 2: World Domination, which is expected to release later this year on PC.

Evil Genius isn’t the only free strategy game you can grab right now. If you sign up for 11 Bit Studios’ newsletter, you’ll get a Steam code for the Anomaly Bundle, which compiles five games in the hybrid tower defense/offense franchise.

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