Ghost Recon Breakpoint: New Pathfinder Class And Red Patriot Adventure Coming September 15

After a rocky launch, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint has steadily added more content over the last several months, and on September 15 the game will receive Title Update 3.0. The third episode, which goes under the name of Red Patriot, tasks players with hunting down Sentinel Corp leader Trey Stone and a Russian separatist group who are planning to launch a neurotoxic attack on the US.

Red Patriot will also include a new class called Pathfinder. Described as a versatile scout by Ubisoft, Pathfinders can use an Azrael drone with the Armaros Interface ability and can also refill their skill gauge with the Uplink Protocol talent.

Pathfinder passive skills include Scout Vision for enhanced thermal detection, Tactical Cache Identification, which will allow players to uncover hidden caches, and Wild Metabolism for longer-lasting rations and effects from those meal kits.

Each mission will also have exclusive rewards, ranging from cosmetic prizes to new weapons. For players who don’t own the Year 1 Pass, they can still play the missions cooperatively with friends who do have full access to the Red Patriot campaign and earn those rewards retroactively, unlocking them once they purchase their own Year 1 Pass or access to the new Adventure.

The Fireworks and In Deep Waters mission rewards are obtainable even if you don’t own the Year 1 Pass, and includes the Claro Gentile costume and mask, Bodark Mask E, Bodark gloves, Bodark coat, Honey Badger weapon, and Brown weapon gear.

Ghost War PvP will get three new missions and a new map, as well as three new milestone missions and two more rewards once certain achievements have been completed. While Year 1 Pass owners will have full access to all 10 missions in Red Patriot, other players will also be able to get a sampling of the new content with access to two of the new assignments.

Title Update 3.0 will also add an improved Gunsmith experience, with an emphasis on more customization freedom. Custom stock will be made available and will also have the same compatibility across different weapons, the GL1 and the GL GP25 under-barrel grenade launchers can now be fitted to more weapons, and the Universal Under-barrel System will allow all foregrips to be compatible with several weapon classes. For a deeper breakdown of how the new Gunsmith experience works, you can read more technical details on Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint website.

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