Halo Master Chief Collection Devs Talk About Working From Home, Updates On Their Progress

Bringing the Master Chief Collection (MCC) to PC is a big undertaking–with two games live and needing support, and three games still to be released, the team has a big job ahead of them. This is only complicated by the added need to work from home, but a new dev blog shows that the MCC team is taking this well in stride.

The new post showcases some of the team’s home offices as they work to bring the MCC to PC, with setups ranging from a backyard farm with multiple goats to a desk set up in the garage to ensure work-life separation. You can check out the rest of the teams set ups in the post, featuring many pictures of developers’ pets and PCs.

The blog also includes updates on the progress of Halo 2 after April’s Insider testing. The team received 2000 tickets from the test period, and will now work on bringing Halo 2 to PC “in the not too distant future.”

While all focus at the moment is on getting Halo 2 to release, the team have also released some work-in-progress screenshots from Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, and once Halo 2 is released they will be looking towards further Insider playtests for those games.

Halo Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved are currently available on Steam as part of the Master Chief Collection.

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