Here's A Brief Look At Zombies Mode In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

During today’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal stream, the game’s Zombies mode was announced in a 12-second gameplay clip.

The clip is in first person and shows the player walking through a pretty spooky facility of some kind, where the only sources of light seem to be red emergency lights and a small flashlight. The player ascends a graffiti-covered staircase, then in a found footage move a la Blair Witch, the camera cuts to the next portion of the facility where something is hopping on the floor. Another quick, grainy red cut shows the player on a catwalk approaching some kind of pit. There are about a dozen zombies shuffling around menacingly down there, but as we see in the last cut, they’re not trapped. One has escaped and the video ends with it knocking the player’s block off.

If this tiny teaser whet your appetite for the latest COD’s multiplayer modes, you’re in luck. The stream provided info on the game’s upcoming beta, which will be on PlayStation first, along with pre-order dates. You can access the beta by pre-ordering Cold War. Activision is also doing beta code giveaways during Call of Duty League matches.

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