Hmm, This New Steam Game Looks Familiar For Some Reason

Has Resident Evil Village really launched early with a 40% off sale on Steam? It’s far more likely that Steam’s quality control measures have failed again, allowing the obviously copyright-infringing Steam title Biohazard Village to be put up for sale.

Picked up by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, the Steam title has borrowed “Biohazard,” the name Resident Evil is known by in Japan. It’s even copied the VIII stylization in the “Village” part of the title, distinctively used by Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 8.

The Steam description simply reads, “this is a third-person shooter in which you will play as a girl fighting against a zombie in a town where a man-made disaster has occurred. People turned into zombies.” The developer, Forest Games, has released just one game on Steam before: Panic Station. While the space horror shooter doesn’t seem to be a direct knock off of an existing game, reviews suggest it’s basically unplayable anyway.

Back in the days when physical media was the only way to buy and play games, this kind of deceptive shovelware lurked in bargain bins at game stores, waiting for unsuspecting parents to pick it up. These days, it’s found a new home on online storefronts.

Capcom isn’t the only one to have been knocked off on Steam: the replies to Ahmad’s original tweet include a screenshot of Man Standing, which calls itself a “unique game experience.”

As far as we know, Resident Evil Village isn’t due out until next year, and when it does come out it will likely cost a lot more than $1. Resident Evil fans are eagerly awaiting more news on the title, set to drop as part of Tokyo Game Show later this month.

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