How Marvel's Avengers' Faction And Community Challenges Will Work

Marvel’s Avengers has launched worldwide for players who pre-ordered the game for early access, with the worldwide launch coming on September 4. The story of how the Avengers reassemble to face the threat of Advanced Idea Mechanics is only part of the full experience, as the game will continue long after the main campaign has wrapped up.

According to a new blog post from developer Crystal Dynamics, these events will be split between weekly and seasonal activities such as missions, faction challenges, and community challenges, and will reward players with cosmetics and gear if they can complete these objectives before they expire.

Missions can be accessed through the war table, and will also feature weekly content and their own unique loot to earn. Modified operations will be playable through Priority Missions and Priority HARM challenges that include several modifiers, while two new mission modes will be activated after Marvel’s Avengers launches. One of these new modes focuses on co-op play and is only active during weekends, while the second challenges you to use your entire roster of heroes to run a gauntlet in solo play.

Factions will also factor into which activities players choose to engage with, with each of the groups having their own in-game vendors to purchase items from. SHIELD and Inhuman vendors will feature daily and weekly assignments to take part in, with your faction level determining which gear and artifacts players will be able to unlock. The higher the faction level, the better the loot and as an added bonus, faction daily missions can also be completed through other missions.

Community challenges will be a weekly event focused on the entire global player base and will reward players with unique items if they can work together and accomplish specific goals, such as destroying 500,000 synthoids. PlayStation owners of Marvel’s Avengers will get more than just Spider-Man as an exclusive post-launch character, as a special community challenge will also appear once a month on that platform.

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