League of Legends’ next Void champion gets a terrifying teaser

A new League of Legends champion is on the way, and she’s started her campaign of corruption in an unexpected place — the game’s lore page. Keen eyed League fans may have noticed that Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void, has a very different piece of splash art on her Universe page. She’s surrounded by twisting tendrils, some of which have reached her face and eye. Her color palette is brighter, but still ominous, and she’s surrounded by a bright butterfly. This is a teaser for the next champion, and this gives us our best look at her yet.

Previous champion teasers have given us a little bit of information — we know that this is a queen of the Void, the existential threat to the world that seeks to consume all reality. We also know that this champion takes the Jungler role, which means she’s capable of ambushing enemies and controlling the map.

Things get interesting if you click Kai’Sa’s corrupted eye, or the butterfly next to her, as each Easter egg will play a short video. In the first one, she congratulates her prophet Malzahar, and says that in reward for his service he will witness the end of everything. We see a little girl briefly in this video, but it’s not clear whether that’s a random Shuriman citizen about to get Voided or the Empress herself.


The second video is even more intriguing, as the Empress calls out another Void champion named Vel’Koz, a scout of the mysterious Watchers encased under ice in the Freljord. The Empress seems to be based out of Icathia and Shurima. This suggests there might be some spicy conflict coming to the game’s most mysterious region. We’ll have to see how that unfolds with the Empress’ arrival, but it’s not clear whether Kai’Sa’s art change is just a teaser or another story development in the works.

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