Microsoft Flight Simulator Has An Airport At The Bottom Of A Massive Chasm

There’s an entire planet to explore in Microsoft Flight Simulator, as well as a few locations where the laws of physics have been thrown out of the window. Found by ReversedWindow on Reddit, attempting to land on the Brazilian airfield of Lagoa Nova is almost impossible as the location appears to have been swallowed up by the planet.

Leaving only a massive gaping chasm behind, adventurous players can attempt to touch ground at the airport but they’ll run the risk of being trapped forever in the creepy abyss. As a destination airport, you’re also able to try and take off from Lagoa Nova if the odd physics of this location decide to play nice.

As for what created this digital black hole, it’s possible that it might be related to the bizarre and impossibly tall skyscrapers that were found in the game shortly after it launched.

Typos in OpenStreetMap, the technology that Microsoft Flight Simulator uses for its mapping technology, were to blame for the monolithic buildings. While it hasn’t been confirmed officially, the Brazilian airport’s warped terrain could have been caused by an incorrect number being typed into the spreadsheet where these important numbers are kept, resulting in the creation of the enormous void.

A more-natural tour of the world has been added to Microsoft Flight Simulator this week, which has given the game’s version of Japan an improved digital elevation map of the country and high-resolution 3D photogrammetry that added six Japanese cities and several of their local airports to the game.

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