Monkey interrupts Sea of Thieves stream with a huge barf

Rare’s Sea of Thieves is getting pets — monkeys and parrots — in an update slated for this month’s Smuggler’s Fortune update. The developer held a Sea of Thieves preview stream on YouTube to showcase the update on Monday, and they brought on an actual squirrel monkey called Antonio.

And things got … gross.

For most of the video, Antonio scaled the shoulders of Sea of Thieves developers and nibbled on treats. But unfortunately for Rare community video manager Jon McFarlane, Antonio also puked — on McFarlane’s face and both shoulders. Antonio’s big spill comes right around the 27:50 mark. In the words of Sea of Thieves senior producer Drew Stevens: “That’s unfortunate.”

Antonio pukes up a surprising amount of shiny grey-brown stuff; it’s unclear what exactly it is. Do squirrel monkeys eat mealworms? It looks like it could be half-digested mealworms.

Minutes after McFarlane cleans off the puke from his face and shirt, which has wet vomit stains for the rest of the stream, Antonio strikes again — this time with poop, back on McFarlane’s shoulder. The official Sea of Thieves Twitter account joked about it later on Twitter. “What’s the saying?” it tweeted. “Never work with children or animals? We’d do it again.”

Despite the … mishaps … the Sea of Thieves team seems unbothered by the unpredictability of animals on stream.

So, yeah, there’s pets in Sea of Thieves now. It’s part of a larger launch of the Pirate Emporium, a “new premium store selling a range of items such as pets, emotes, and ship liveries.” A new currency is being introduced to work in the store, which will be purchasable on the Xbox Games Store or the Emporium itself. The update is coming this month, but no word yet on if the pets have any sort of puke mechanic. After all, it wouldn’t be totally out of line: Sea of Thieves already lets players puke into buckets and throw it at others.

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