Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Update Offers Better Rewards For Two Specific Quests

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne can be a grind sometimes, especially when you are farming for certain monsters to acquire specific materials. So to make two particular Event Quests a better investment for players, Capcom has rolled out a small update on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One that offers more rewards.

For the Event Quests “Talk About a Party Foul…” and “The Wrath of Thunder Descends,” Capcom has increased the drop rates of the materials that are awarded upon completion.

“Talk About a Party Foul…” pits you against a Seething Bazelgeuse in an inescapable arena. Should you win the fight, you will get even more Heavy Armor Spheres than before the update. These spheres can be used to improve your armor and on-field performance.

In “The Wrath of Thunder Descends” Event Quest, you are tasked with hunting down a Tempered Zinogre roaming around the Ancient Forest. If you can track it and take it down, you will be rewarded with an increased amount of Sealed Feystones, which Capcom said will “[most] likely turn into some of the top-tier decorations in the game.”

In addition to increasing the drop rates for materials in two Event Quests, the Master Rank Kulve Taroth quest (“The Eternal Gold Rush”) has returned and will be playable for the next two weeks. In it, you will have to defeat the Kulve Taroth before it escapes. Slay the elder dragon and you will get tons of Zenny (Monster Hunter World’s in-game currency) and materials to upgrade any appraisal you own.

In other Monster Hunter World news, Capcom has delayed the game’s fourth title update indefinitely due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The studio has shared a roadmap to provide a glimpse at when the update and some of its features will get implemented into Monster Hunter World.

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