New Apex Legends Octane Bundle Is Out Now For PS4, PC, Xbox One

Respawn has announced a new content bundle for Apex Legends. This latest bundle is themed around Octane, the adrenaline junkie introduced into the battle royale game during Season 1: Wild Frontier.

Like the Lifeline Edition and Bloodhound Edition, the Octane Edition costs $20 USD (EA Access members pay $18). Whereas the first two editions are respectively themed around angels and devils, the items found in the Octane Edition are spider-themed.

The Octane Edition includes two legendary cosmetic skins: the Arachnoid Rush Octane skin and Arachnoid Charge Rifle skin. Buying the edition will also get you the Violet Widow gun charm, Venomous badge, and 1000 Apex Coins. With the exception of the Apex Coins, all of the items are exclusive to the Octane Edition, so if you want them, you’ll have to drop the cash.

Apex Legends has had an eventful first year and Respawn hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down for Year 2. Beginning with Season 4: Assimilation, Year 2 has seen the addition of new character Revenant, the Sentinel sniper rifle, World’s Edge map changes, battle pass rewards, and in-game adjustments (most notably to Bloodhound’s ultimate ability and the performance of the Havoc assault rifle).

For Apex Legends Year 2, Respawn wants to be more innovative and find new ways of telling the battle royale game’s episodic story. The team is also willing to add some of its limited-time modes, like Solos and Duos, as permanent add-ons in Year 2–but only if they can figure out how to do so without making the overall experience of the game worse.

Apex Legends – Octane Edition | $20

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