New Bleeding Edge Update Nerfs Cass, Fixes Achievement Glitch

Ninja Theory has released a new update for Bleeding Edge, and it addresses a few of the major problems that the MOBA-like game faced at launch. The update is now live for both Xbox One and PC; the full patch notes are listed below.

Of note, the update addresses a rather annoying bug that allowed enemy players to still see you while you were invisible. At launch, if you were in stealth and an enemy player managed to ping in your direction, Bleeding Edge’s ping system would still register that as a hit–pinpointing your location to the entire enemy team. Thanks to this update, that should no longer be the case.

Additionally, this update addresses the issue that’s preventing players from grabbing all of Bleeding Edge’s Achievements. Since launch, several of the updates that are progression-based (kill a certain number of players, for example) have bugged out and thus haven’t been tracking what a player has been doing accurately. The patch notes for the update list that this issue has been fixed, and noted that the Steam version of the game now supports Achievements as well.

What’s perhaps most surprising–but no less welcome–is balancing adjustments for Cass, one of Bleeding Edge’s damage fighters. With the lowest health pool of any fighter, it’s strange to see Cass be the first of Bleeding Edge’s fighters to be nerfed. However, the brittle hit-and-run tactician was able to pull off an endless combo exploit by combining two of her abilities, Charge Jump and Rake, so that it would lock a target down and prevent them from recovering. It made her game-breaking when she was fighting one-on-one, so thankfully that’s been taken care of with this new update.

If you’re having trouble grabbing wins in Ninja Theory’s latest release, we have a guide of nine Bleeding Edge tips that will help you better understand the game and nab points for your team.

Bleeding Edge March 30 Update Patch Notes


  • Fixed: Multiple stability issues and crashes.
  • Fixed: End-game screen will display maxed fighter levels correctly.
  • Fixed: Fighters invisible or in stealth will no longer be revealed due to ping.
  • Fixed: Skins and emotes will now equip correctly when immediately changing fighter or exiting to the menu.
  • Fixed: Enemy fighters will no longer be revealed in text chat via their icons.
  • Fixed: Settings will now save when Bleeding Edge is closed and restarted.
  • Fixed: Leaver penalty now functions as intended.
  • Fixed: Players in a party should now be able to match make correctly.


  • Added: Steam Achievements can now be earned by all Steam players.
  • Fixed: Achievements will now track progress and unlock correctly.


  • Fixed: Various fixes for Korean.
  • Fixed: Various fixes for Spanish.


  • Improved: Leaver status in end-game screen will now visibly clear after successfully completing all leaver penalty matches


  • Cass: Fixed an endless combo exploit that players could achieve with Charge Jump and Rake. You can still combo cancel with Charge Jump, but some extra timing is now required.

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