Nintendo Indie World: All The Games Out Today On Switch

Today’s Nintendo Indie World showcase included heaps of upcoming titles for Nintendo’s hybrid system, but the company also did its usual thing and announced that it will surprise-drop some big titles onto the eShop today. The games available today are a mix of brand-new titles and ports we’d been crossing our fingers for, and a few of them had not previously been announced for Switch.

Here are the six titles, and two demos, that are being made available today.


Spiritfarer is a much-anticipated title in which you act as a ferrymaster for the undead. It’s up to you to manage your boat, explore, and carry souls into the next life. It could be heavy stuff, but developer Thunder Lotus Games hopes that players will find some solace in it. Look out for GameSpot’s review soon.

A Short Hike

A Short Hike is, as you might expect, a game about a short hike, and about fulfilling favors and performing acts of kindness. It released for PC in 2019, and was one of our favorite indies of the year. The game comes to Switch as a timed console exclusive, so Xbox and PlayStation players will have to wait a bit longer to put their hiking boots on.

Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden made a splash on PC and Apple Arcade, and now you can buy and play it on Nintendo’s console. It’s a first-person, Escher-inspired puzzle game about navigating strange spaces, and GameSpot gave it a 9/10. “As I stood in the impossible world of the Manifold Garden, I felt tested and worthy,” wrote reviewer Hope Corrigan. “Its puzzles are incredibly satisfying and offer a very clever blend of step-by-step knowledge-building with increasingly challenging solutions. The environments are awe-inspiring in their endless repetition, but repetition isn’t a trait reflected in the game’s challenges.”


Evergate, which is also coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, is a side-scrolling platformer with some Ori vibes to it. It’s from the small team at Stone Lantern Games, and puts a heavy emphasis on traversal over combat. It’s set in the afterlife, and tells the story of two “kindred spirits” who are reconnected there. It’s available now.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action game set in ancient India, in which various demons have invaded the Earth and are seeking to bring about the extinction of humanity. Raji, the game’s protagonist, is a young girl who is chosen by the gods to defend humanity, which she’ll do through a combination of tactical combat and platforming. The game is also coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but it’s a timed console exclusive on Switch.

Takeshi and Hiroshi

Another Apple Arcade title has made its way to Switch. Takeshi and Hiroshi is an RPG about two brothers, and it skews younger than most of the games on this list. Takeshi is actually designing a game for his younger brother Hiroshi, so it’s up to you to design challenges for the younger brother that will challenge him but not prove impossible. The game uses a puppet animation style, and looks charming.

Demos for Unrailed and Hypnospace Outlaw will also be available on the Eshop today. Unrailed is a co-op roguelike traintrack builder, where it’s up to players to keep a train moving through difficult environments. It’s currently in Early Access on Steam. Hypnospace Outlaw is a great, strange throwback to the Internet of yesteryear–it received an 8/10 in GameSpot’s review, and will be available on August 27.

Keep an eye on the Nintendo Switch Eshop today to pick up these titles.

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