Overwatch Storm Rising runs from April 16 to May 6

We have our first glimpses of the new Havana map and Talon council member Maximilien thanks to this save the date trailer for the newest Overwatch Archives event. Overwatch Storm Rising will be the third chapter of Archives, following Uprising and Retribution. Storm Rising takes place six years before the current day, and focuses on a squad led by Tracer.

Storm Rising is sure to be full of some fun lore potential. We’ve already been introduced to a new character who was part of old Overwatch, Sojourn, through an audio log that was posted yesterday via Twitter.

There are also going to be hero interactions, cutscenes, and a PvE mission centered around fighting Talon to get to the accountant Maximilien. We know he survives the encounter, as he is a player in current day Talon and serves on the evil council, along with Doomfist, Moira, and other prominent Overwatch characters.

We can also expect a return of the previous two campaign missions, discounted cosmetics from previous years, and a whole new suite of Overwatch-themed skins for our heroes.

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