Potionomics, A Management Sim From XSEED Games, Revealed At PC Gaming Show

Fans of shop management sims will want to keep their eye on Potionomics, the latest title announced by XSEED Games. First revealed at the recent PC Gaming Show, the title appears to incorporate card-based elements into a colorful take on classic management mechanics.

XSEED Games and Voracious Games will be working together on Potionomics, which tells the story of Sylvia, a potion shop owner who needs to make enough money to keep loan sharks away. If this sounds a bit like the plot of Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! then you’re on the right track.


When playing as Sylvia, you’ll undertake a number of tasks during the day-to-day running of your shop. Bargain with customers, brew your signature potions, and make sure that you’re staying on top of all your bills. You’ll have to outshine and outsmart your competition, including sprucing up the place.

Players were also introduced to card-based haggling mechanics during the Potionomics reveal trailer, showing Sylvia relying on various card effects to sweeten the deal with customers at the till. It’s not just about running the cutest shop on the block, it’s also about knowing how to get the most of your patrons while upgrading your potion-slinging paradise.

There’s no firm release date yet for Potionomics, and the game has only been confirmed for PC so far. We have a list of titles from the PC Gaming Show that are currently available to play if you’re needing a way to pass the time in the interim.

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