Rainbow Six Siege: Steel Wave Teased With Morse Code [Update]

The next Rainbow Six Siege season, Operation Steel Wave, has been teased on the game’s Twitter account. We now know there will be two new operators: Ace and Melusi. [Update: Rainbow Six Siege’s Steel Wave update and new operators have been revealed.]

The Morse code translates to “IOS / SOS / SOS.” Of course, “SOS” is universally known as the distress signal, likely meaning someone or something is calling for help in Rainbow Six Siege. “IOS” is harder to define. (The official Ubisoft YouTube channel shows “SOS” three times, likely indicating the tweet above has a typo.)

Additionally, looking at the teaser, there are two figures in the back, later revealed to be new operators Ace and Melusi. Further, the figures are surrounded by what seems to be steel jutting out of the ground in a similar fashion to Remedy Entertainment’s Control or Quantum Break. It is possible this alludes to a new, steel-like map of some sort.

Developer Ubisoft Montreal has yet to reveal any other specifics about Operation Steel Wave, including potential release date, additional weapons, and the like.

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, the tactical first-person shooter is part of May’s PS Plus lineup, alongside the psychological horror title Get Even and the survival-horror shooter The Evil Within 2. Rainbow Six Siege is also confirmed to launch on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X when they drop this holiday season.

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