Ranking Every Season 1 Legend in Apex Legends

9. Caustic

7. Gibraltar

GIbraltar’s ultimate is fantastic and his dome pairs well it as well. The dome can be used to protect your team while you loot and his passive aiming shield does essentially give him more health. Unfortunately, his hitbox is still one of the largest in the game, and that combined with his aim down sight shield makes him a huge target.

6. Bloodhound

Next up is Bloodhound. Bloodhound is one of my favorite characters and I believe has the strongest ultimate in the game. The ultimate’s speed boost and vision of sight is so advantageous, I’d try to feed ultimate accelerants to the bloodhound as often as you can. However, Bloodhounds tactical and passive ability slightly overlap. The passive grants you vital information and the ability to “hunt” opponents down, but the tactical pulse can sometimes make it difficult to see the actual enemies when the orange outline lingers around.

5. Pathfinder

Pathfinder got the slight nod over Bloodhound because of his ability to cover distances constantly and transport allies. Mastering the grapple makes Pathfinder an extremely unpredictable and deadly Legend, and his zipline can be used as a means of escape or aggression. Also, still my favorite Apex personality.

4. Octane

The newest kid on the block, Octane has already cemented himself as a solid Legend. Octane’s passive heals himself slowly over time, as long as he’s not taking damage. His tactical ability is a stim shot that deals 10 damage to himself but allows him to move 30% faster for six seconds, and his ultimate drops a launch pad that is useful for reaching high places or covering distance quickly. The stim shot is really where he shines through; the 30% speed boost allows you to get into fights and escape them quickly. A stimmed Octane that is strafing against you in a gunfight is extremely difficult to track, and his hitbox is relatively small. The launchpad is fine but the passive ability regenerates health pretty slowly so try not to spam the stim without any heals of your own.

3. Wraith

Starting out my top 3, we have Wraith. Wraith has the smallest hitbox in the game, already giving her an advantage, but her tactical ability can let her mitigate any sorts of damage including circle damage. Throwables are less effective against a good Wraith player as she can just jump Into the Void and evade them. Her ultimate lets you get to hot zones while having an escape route, and can be used to bait unsuspecting enemies. In my previous ranking video, I stated that Wraith’s passive was great for information, but after putting more time into her, it’s not as helpful as I once thought it was. It does let you know if Caustic traps are near but even if you do get stuck in a gas trap, into the void right out of there. Overall, Wraith is an extremely difficult character to kill and her ultimate is definitely underrated.


2. Lifeline

Lifeline’s ability to use consumables 25% faster is so crucial in a firefight, and the shield she puts up during revives allows Lifeline to go for riskier revives that can turn the tide of a fight. Early hot drops like skulltown and bunker are easier to execute because you can heal right back up with her drone. Her care package is great for getting your entire team legendary armor and helmets, but it does become a bit obsolete once you are kitted out. Lifeline’s kit is so solid individually and for a team.

1. Bangalore

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