Razer's luxurious, laser-wielding Huntsman Elite keyboard has never been this cheap

The Razer Huntsman Elite is a superb luxury keyboard with two especially interesting features: it’s got optical switches and the wrist rest is RGB-enabled. Today, however, there’s a third noteworthy tidbit: it’s on sale for an all-time low price. Amazon is selling the Razer Huntsman Elite for $160, down from its more recent $175, and way down from its usual $200.

The Razer Huntsman Elite features Razer’s optical switches, which are supposed to be more reliable and durable than mechanical switches. We won’t get into the distiction between the switches here, but you can read all about it in our glowing review of the Hunstman Elite. Sufficed to say, optical switches at the time were new and this keyboard was at the forefront of this new switch.

Overall, we liked the optical switch and thought it was a fantastic option for gaming, though it may leave something to be desired for long hours of typing.

As for the rest of the keyboard, it’s rocking RGB lighting of course, and the underside of the included magnetic wrist rest also lights up. The keyboard offers aluminum construction and dedicated media keys. It’s a great luxury keyboard, and today, it’s on sale for a great price.

[Today’s deal: Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard for $160 at Amazon.]

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