Red Dead Online: Limited-Time Clothing Returns And Big Bonuses On Moonshiners Sales

Rockstar is continuing to bring back fan favorite limited-time only clothing this week in Red Dead Redemption 2’s Red Dead Online mode. Moonshiner sales are also being buffed this week, with all Moonshiner sales going for an extra 30%.

New collector items have been scattered across the map, with more Arrowheads and Bird Eggs available for pickup. Full sets of both Arrowheads and Bird Eggs will fetch an extra 50% when sold to Madam Nazar.

Returning to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. catalogue this week are some limited-time only apparel items. The following are back in store until May 26:

  • The Tasman
  • The Danube
  • Manteca Hat
  • Cossack Hat
  • Boutell Hat
  • Irwin Coat

The store is also offering discounts on necessities this week. The Potent Predator Bait Pamphlet and the Potent Herbivore Bait Pamplet are both 40% off. All essential provisions such as food, liquor, and tobacco items are half off in-store.

Twitch Prime members will receive the Collector’s Bag, the Polished Copper Moonshine Still, and a Reward crediting them with five Moonshiner Role Ranks for this month. This reward can be collected at any point during the month of May.

PlayStation Plus members can receive a fisherman’s starter pack containing 5 special Lake Lures, 5 special Swamp Lures, 5 special River Lures, along with a Treasure Map of the North Clingman area just for logging in this month.

A portion of all online purchases this month and all of May will be going towards COVID-19 relief thanks to Rockstar and Take-Two. This includes purchases made in Red Dead Online and GTA Online.

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