Resident Evil 3 Lockpick Guide: Every Location And Reward

A lot of things in the Raccoon City of Resident Evil 3 Remake are locked–lockers, safes, weapon boxes, and gun cases–and all of them hold useful items that could help you survive the T-Virus outbreak and fight off the Nemesis. You’ll get the Lockpick as part of the main story, but it’s easy to miss many of the actual locks and the weapons, upgrades, pickups or collectibles inside.

We can help, though–here’s a complete rundown of where to find the Lockpick and every single lock you can pick as you fight to escape Raccoon City.

  • Where To Get The Lockpick
  • Downtown Lockpick Locks
    • Power Substation – Door, Locker
    • Garage – Locker
    • Toy Uncle Shop – Door
    • Donut Shop – Locker
    • Kite Bros Subway Office – Locker, Case
    • Subway Station – Case
    • Sewer Lab – Case
    • House Behind The Gun Shop – Case
  • Spencer Memorial Hospital Lockpick Locks
    • Reception – Door
    • Hall Outside Courtyard – Case
    • Emergency Entrance – Locker
    • Staff Room – Locker
    • Linen Room – Locker
    • How To Unlock The RE: Master Of Unlocking Record, Achievement, Or Trophy
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      Where To Get The Lockpick

      You’ll run across lots of padlocks (marked as Simple Locks on your map) before you get the means to unlock them. The Lockpick will come to you as part of the story; you can track it down in the Power Station in the Downtown portion of Resident Evil 3, toward the beginning of the game. Find it in a case held by a dead body.

      Downtown Lockpick Locks

      Power Substation – Door, Locker

      You need to pick the lock to get into the Substation’s maze-like area and reset the breakers, as part of the story. There’s also a locker on the first floor of the Power Substation near its entrance, which contains handgun ammo.

      Garage – Locker

      Pick the lock on the locker in the side-room of the garage to get a first aid spray.

      Toy Uncle Shop – Door

      Picking the lock on this door gets you a Charlie Doll bobblehead, the Your Charlie Doll file, and a Fancy Box, which contains a Blue Jewel used in the Kite Bros Monument puzzle in the Subway Station.

      Donut Shop – Locker

      A locker with a padlock is found next to the Donut Shop safe room; it contains a hand grenade.

      Kite Bros Subway Office – Locker, Case

      The room where you find the shotgun contains a locker you can lockpick to get a first aid spray. There’s a locked case in the control room, to the right of the control panel, which contains shotgun shells.

      Subway Station – Case

      Look for the case at the top of the stairs as you leave the Subway entrance. Inside are shotgun shells.

      Sewer Lab – Case

      There are two lockers in the back of the Lab room. The one with the padlock contains Explosive A, for crafting grenade launcher ammo.

      House Behind The Gun Shop – Case

      After going through the alley beside Gun Shop Kendo, you’ll enter a house with some stairs leading upward beside the front door. This is an optional stop, but you’ll find a padlocked case at the top that contains explosive rounds for your grenade launcher.

      Spencer Memorial Hospital Lockpick Locks

      Reception – Door

      You’ll need to open this door to advance to the Underground Storage area; it’s the first lock you hit, but the last one you want to unlock in the hospital.

      Hall Outside Courtyard – Case

      On the first floor of the hospital, when you first approach the Courtyard from Reception, hang a left and go around the corner to find a locked case that contains MAG ammo.

      Emergency Entrance – Locker

      You’ll have seen zombies trying to break down the glass here several times before the locker becomes accessible, and then you’ll need to kill a Hunter to get to it upon your return. It houses handgun ammo.

      Staff Room – Locker

      Look for the locker around the corner to the left as you enter the Staff Room. It contains shotgun ammo.

      Linen Room – Locker

      This locker is located in the back of the room, between the various shelves. Open it to get MAG ammo.

      How To Unlock The RE: Master Of Unlocking Record, Achievement, Or Trophy

      If you check the Records menu in Resident Evil 3 Remake, you’ll find the RE: Master of Unlocking objective, which tasks you to “unlock all safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks.” There are 20 locks in total to complete the objective, 15 of which are pickable locks listed here. To complete the Record objective, you’ll need to open three safes and two dial locks. Use our Resident Evil 3 Remake Safes guide to find them all.

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