Resident Evil 3 Remake Hip Pouch Guide: Every Inventory Expansion

Working your way through Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3 Remake can be tough as you work to balance weapons, ammunition, herbs for first aid, and the items you need to solve puzzles and open doors. As in most of the old-school Resident Evil titles, you’ll have to manage your space carefully. Hip Pouches can help–they expand your inventory capacity so you can carry more stuff.

You’ll get some Hip Pouches for advancing through the story, but more of them will require you to go the extra mile of unlocking safes or completing puzzles. Here’s everything you need to know to find every Hip Pouch in the game and maximize your carrying capacity, as well as your ability to fight the Nemesis.

Downtown – Power Substation

Your first Hip Pouch is the easiest to get. You’ll find it in the control room of the Power Substation, sitting on a stepladder to the right of the controls and typewriter. You can’t miss it.

Downtown – Kite Bros Railway Monument

The second Hip Pouch in the Downtown area requires you to solve a puzzle to reach it. You’ll need to complete the Kite Bros Railway Monument in the subway by finding three jewels. Look for them in the Donut Shop, Grocery Store, and Toy Store–but make sure to get them before you return to the subway while fleeing the Nemesis. Check out our guide for finding the jewels for more details.

Downtown – Sewer Security Room

Once you have the Battery Pack in the sewer, take the ladder near the waterway ramp you first slid down to reach the area’s second floor. Kill the Hunter Gamma that jumps up to attack you, then use the Battery Pack to open the Security Room. You’ll find the Hip Pouch on the desk.

Raccoon City PD – West Office

You’ll need to open a safe to earn this Hip Pouch for Carlos. You’ll find it in the West Office area after fighting off a bunch of zombies. The code to open the safe is the same as in Resident Evil 2 Remake, if you remember it. If not, you can find the file with the information to unlock the safe in the Dark Room, or hover over this spoiler box to get it right now. The code is left 9, right 15, left 7.

Hospital – Lobby Breaker Room

After finding the vaccine as Carlos, you’ll be tasked with defending the hospital lobby against an onslaught of zombies. Midway through the fight, the power will go out, and a Hunter will break into the room through a chained doorway behind the reception desk. Once you kill it and restore the power, look for the Hip Pouch on the back wall of the newly opened breaker room.

Hospital Underground Storage – Warehouse Safe Room

The last Hip Pouch is another freebie. It pops up in your path as you leave the Hospital to enter the Underground Storage Facility. Look for it next to the typewriter in the room just before you enter the warehouse and start looking for fuses to restore the power.

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