Save Room is a Resident Evil 4-style ‘inventory Tetris’ puzzler

There are many ways for games to handle the player’s inventory, but few are as elegant as the inventory Tetris style used in a few games — the most prominent of which is Resident Evil 4. Leon S. Kennedy had a whole smorgasbord of guns and gear to carry, and he did so by rotating items across a grid. Big and powerful things cover more space, but clever players could also pack their case with small, useful items like herbs and ammo. It was a very small but satisfying part of the game, and PC Gamer recently highlighted a tribute to that mechanic called Save Room – Organization Puzzle.

Save Room has the player take the role of a protagonist in a horror game, but only at the brief moments where the hero gets to rest, wounded and weary, and clear their head. In order to survive until the next safe spot, you’ll need to organize your gear. For the next 40 levels, the player has to neatly rotate and place a selection of items across the grid to pack their bags.

The game has some fun puzzles, like hauling around a case full of endgame gear, or having to mix or consume certain items just to score some more sweet, sweet space. If you love creating an efficient loadout, this is basically the game for you, and it’s currently under two dollars on Steam.

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