Sea Of Thieves Is Now Xbox's "Most Successful" New IP Of The Generation

Rare’s Microsoft-exclusive pirating adventure game, Sea of Thieves, has become quite popular since its March 2018 launch. The developer confirmed that more than 10 million people have played the game across Xbox Game Pass, Windows 10 PC, and Xbox One.

Executive producer Joe Neate shared a blog post thanking the community for Sea of Thieves’ continued success. “[O]n behalf of everyone at Rare I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s been on this journey with us so far,” Neate wrote. “The best news is that we’re just getting started and have big plans for the coming year.” According to Neate, Sea of Thieves is now “the most successful new IP from Xbox this generation.”

In celebration of Sea of Thieves crossing the 10 million player mark, and in conjunction with the game’s upcoming Legends of the Seas content update, Neate said players who log in between January 15-22 will receive a free custom sail and a special new emote as a thank you for the sustained support. Further, on January 15, Sea of Thieves’ Legend of the Seas content launches as a free update for all players.

Sea of Thieves’ last content update, The Seabound Soul, released on November 20 and came with an assortment of new goodies. These include a new tall tale, extra purchasable cosmetics, a brand-new projectile weapon, and more. Completing the added tall tale nets you new sails and weapons.

We gave the game a 6/10 in our Sea of Thieves review when it first launched, saying, “[I]t’s a somewhat hollow game that can be fun for a handful of hours when played with friends, and something worth trying out if you happen to be an Xbox Game Pass subscriber.”

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