Shuttered Xbox One Battle Royale Game Comes Back Online This Week

Developer Xaviant has announced that its battle royale game, The Culling, is getting a second wind on May 14 for Xbox One. The studio said that the PC release will follow sometime later.

This new version of the game is dubbed The Culling: Origins and features a number of improvements, including adjustments to A.I. behavior, graphics enhancements on Xbox One, gameplay tweaks (like stamina reduction), and more. In addition to all of this, Xaviant has removed premium items and purchasable loot boxes from the game. However, as a result, the studio notes that “past saved games will be wiped and all previous unlocks have been reset.” Check out the official relaunch trailer below.

What’s most notable about The Culling: Origins, however, is the price of entry. Those who already own it will be able to get into the game at no extra cost. Anyone who doesn’t have the game will only need to pay a nominal $6 to jump into the battle royale action. However, it’s not that simple. In order to continue playing The Culling: Origins, players will need to win matches or purchase tokens. These Online Match Tokens, which can be bought in packs or earned by winning a match, grant you access to another match. If you have no Online Match Tokens, you can’t play The Culling: Origins online. It seems there is offline play, though.

This surprise relaunch of The Culling: Origins comes after Xaviant closed the servers on the battle royale game in 2019. The studio released a sequel to the game in the form of The Culling 2 but quickly pulled the game from digital storefronts after a rough launch week.

The Culling: Origins Relaunch Details