Twitch Prime Games In April 2020: Free Perk For Amazon Prime Members

Twitch Prime has another month’s worth of free games up for grabs this month, and if you’re into classic first-person shooters, adventure games, and enigmatic puzzlers, then you’re in for a treat. Twitch Prime, which is included with any Amazon Prime membership, is giving away five free games in April: the Turok remaster, Kathy Rain, and Etherborn as well as indie RPG Earthlock and first-person puzzle game Lightmatter.

Once you claim any Twitch Prime free games, you’ll have to download the Twitch client, where you can install and play said games. They’re available throughout the entire month, so be sure to claim them before April ends. (Plus, check out our full roundup of all the free games you can claim right now–there are tons of freebies floating around these days.)

Twitch Prime also offers free loot for certain games. This often comes in the form of in-game content or exclusive cosmetics for games like Destiny 2, Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege. Destiny 2 players can expect a Prometheus Lens bundle drop, Apex Legends players can get a free Mirage skin, and Rainbow Six Siege has a pizza-themed mascot skin for Mozzie. In addition to those titles, you can expect content for Doom Eternal, League of Legends, and Borderlands 3.

You can check out all of the available loot and games at Twitch Prime. To claim any Twitch Prime freebies, you just need to link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch, which will then give you all of the benefits of the premium service. You can learn more about Twitch Prime and how to connect your accounts at Twitch’s support site.

Twitch Prime free games for April 2020

April 1:

  • Turok
  • Etherborn
  • Lightmatter
  • Earthlock
  • Kathy Rain

Twitch Prime free loot for April 2020

Available now:

  • Apex Legends – Mirage Lucky Charmer Skin
  • Doom Eternal – Exclusive DOOMicom Slayer Master Collection
  • Borderlands 3 – Exclusive Superstrength Shotgun and three Golden Keys
  • Destiny 2 – Legendary Ship, Exotic Prometheus Weapon Ornament, Exotic Ghost
  • Rainbow 6 Siege – Pizza Party Skin and Charm for Mozzie
  • League of Legends (Drop 3) – Mystery Skin Permanent
  • Teamfight Tactics (Drop 3) – Mystery Little Legends Egg
  • Legends of Runeterra – Champion Card Slot, Expedition Run, Rare and Epic Card
  • Ring of Elysium (Drop 3) – Three weapon skins, exclusive equipment, three supply boxes
  • World of Tanks – Exclusive Care Package
  • Raid Shadow Legends – Six Legendary ATK Artifacts, three 3-Day XP Boosts
  • Black Desert Mobile Drop 7 – Karlstein Outfit and Chest
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Drop 1) – Hanzo Permanent Skin + Hero and Skin Trial Cards
  • Mafia City, Prime Bundle (Drop 1): 50 Gold, 10k Cargo X5, 10K Cash X5, 5-Minute Building and 5-Minute Training Speed-Up X2
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Drop 2) – Amazon Prime Chest + Hero and Skin Trial Cards
  • Mafia City Prime Bundle (Drop 2) – 50 Gold, 10k Cargo X5, 10K Cash X5, 5-Minute Building and 5-Minute Training Speed-Up X2
  • Black Desert Mobile (Drop 8) – Epic Accessory Chest
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Drop 3) – Amazon Prime Chest + Hero and Skin Trial Cards

April 24:

  • Mafia City Prime Bundle (Drop 3) – 50 Gold, 10k Cargo X5, 10K Cash X5, 5-Minute Building and 5-Minute Training Speed-Up X2

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