Valorant Bans Its First Cheater

Riot’s new tactical shooter game, Valorant, isn’t even out of beta and yet the developers are already having to crack down on cheaters. According to Paul Chamberlain, programmer and anti-cheat lead on Valorant, the very first ban has already been issued.

Chamberlain says that more bans are on the horizon, with Riot looking to snuff out hackers the moment they pop up in-game. It has only been three days since the closed beta began, but it seems that was enough time for some players to break through the anti-cheat system that Riot developed. The system was designed to weed out the cheaters using an AI that would investigate and monitor players, with the final decision coming from the anti-cheat team.

It is frustrating to see this behavior in brand new games, where everyone should be starting off with the same level of play. Hopefully Riot continues to bring down the hackers as they pop up and work towards eliminating these kinds of players for good.

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