Way to the Woods sends two deer on an adorable journey in 2020

Microsoft showed off a trailer for Way to the Woods — a game that found early acclaim on Reddit and Twitter for its stunning art — during its Xbox E3 2019 press conference, one of the few we’ve seen since the game’s initial reveal. And this newest gorgeous teaser is welcome, not just for the longer look, but for the 2020 release window attached.

Way to the Woods is set to launch on Xbox One and Windows PC sometime in 2020, the short trailer confirmed at the end. (It will be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch, like most other games shown during the conference.)

Developed by independent designer Anthony Tan, it’s a story-focused adventure game in which players assume the roles of parent-and-child deer. They’re … looking for a way to the woods, obviously. And that involves head-butting some vending machines and wandering by some train stations along their path.


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Way to the Woods picked up a publisher in Team17 in 2016, shortly after Tan achieved viral fame with the game’s anime-inspired concept art. He was in high school at the time, making development a slow-going process. But since then, Tan’s grown older, and so Way to the Woods is much further along. When, exactly, in 2020 we’ll get to see the game still remains up in the air, but we’ll gratefully savor this lush and light trailer for now.

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