Where Is Xur? Destiny 2 Exotic Vendor Location & Items (February 21-25)

There are only a few weeks of Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn left to us, which means new content will soon be on the way. That makes this a good opportunity to start messing around with some new Exotics to find new guns and armor builds you might like, especially since Bungie has announced a whole bunch of weapon nerfs coming next season. Xur has arrived in the solar system with another opportunity for you to get the Exotics you’re missing–here’s where to find him and everything he’s carrying.

Xur is located on Earth in the EDZ right now, in Winding Cove. His Exotic weapon this week is The Colony. Hunters can get Raiden Flux chest armor; Titans have the Mask of the Quiet One helmet on offer; and Warlocks can purchase the Crown of Tempests helmet.

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