You Can Now Watch The Undertale Orchestral Concert Free On YouTube

As part of the celebrations for Undertale’s 5th anniversary, a fully orchestrated performance of the game’s soundtrack was streamed on YouTube, and now is available in full for everyone to watch. The concert is a recording of MUSIC Engine’s live performance in Tokyo in May last year, and is well worth a watch (or a listen) for fans of good video game music.

Organized by Fangamer and 8-4, the stream also included a section of original piano pieces played just for the anniversary concert by creator and composer Toby Fox, so be sure to stick around for that too.

Released in 2015, retro RPG Undertale became an immediate hit for its in-depth story and dark themes, as well as a catchy soundtrack that has been covered in every way imaginable. Undertale’s Sans was even added to Smash Ultimate last year, along with one of the game’s most popular tracks, Megalovania (which the concert leaves until right near the very end, in case you were wondering).

Developer Toby Fox is currently working on Undertale sequel Deltarune, and gave a substantial update on the game’s progress as part of the anniversary celebrations. The new game is being released chapter by chapter, with the first already available for free on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

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