A game that’s part food fight, part Instagram aesthetic is coming to PS5

If you want to make a mess with your food, Nour: Play With Your Food will fulfill those messy desires.

The game provides over 20 food setups that you can interact with by pressing different buttons. Each button will do something different, and hitting a combination of them will reveal different things.

Made by TJ Hughes, the founder of indie studio Terrifying Jellyfish, Nour: Play with your Food is inspired by “Instagram food blogs, lovingly rendered anime food, and the experience of having bubble tea for the first time,” according to a PlayStation Blog post.

Alongside beautiful visuals, the game will have a reactive soundtrack, meaning that as you do different things to the food, the music will change in response. Nour: Play With Your Food seems like the perfect game to take your mind off things, as long as you don’t mind your stomach rumbling while you play.

Nour: Play With Your Food will launch for Windows, Mac, and PlayStation 5. No release date has been given yet.

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