Destiny 2 is getting three more powerful Legendary weapons this season

On its homepage for Destiny’s new season, Bungie revealed three powerful new weapons coming in Destiny 2: Season of Opulence.

The PvP Pinnacle weapon this season is Revoker, a Legendary sniper rifle. Any missed shots return ammo to the magazine after a short wait. Assuming it’s anything like past Crucible Pinnacles, players will have to reach Fabled in the Competitive playlist to earn Revoker.

The Vanguard Pinnacle weapon this season is Wendigo GL3, a Legendary heavy grenade launcher. When its Guardian picks up an Orb of Light, Wendigo GL3’s blast radius and damage increases. The quest to earn the Vanguard Pinnacle weapon changes every season, and Bungie hasn’t revealed this one yet.

The Gambit Pinnacle weapon this season is Hush, a Legendary bow. Hitting a precision shot without aiming down sights increases the draw-speed. We don’t know what the Gambit quest looks like this season.


Pinnacle weapons are powerful Legendary rewards that players work toward over the course of a season. They have perks unique to them, making them a half step between an Exotic and a traditional Legendary weapon. The goal is for each weapon to excel in their given activity (Strikes, Gambit, PvP), but most Pinnacles are useful for other activities as well.

All of these weapons are free for all players and will become available on June 4, when Bungie launches Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence.

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