Destiny 2’s free-to-play version comes with a new intro

It’s been a big week for Destiny 2. After Bungie’s split with Activision, Destiny 2 is now available on Steam instead of the Battlenet launcher. The game’s new expansion, Shadowkeep, is also out, as well as a free-to-play version of the game called New Light. Now, players are finding that there’s a new intro available for new Destiny 2 playthroughs.

Destiny 2 originally started with a campaign called “Red War”. As the cinematic reveal trailer put it back in 2017, “We lost everything. The tower, our city, our home.” Everything from the first Destiny title was gone, and players had to deal with the process of building up a new base of operations for their campaign.

IGN has released the first 25 minutes of gameplay for Destiny 2: New Light, which shows how the game has changed with this new version.

Destiny 2: New Light is substantially more streamlined. Players are asked to make their own character, and then they complete a mission in the Cosmodrone. This is an introduction from the first Destiny that’s been upgraded a little bit, with less fluff and a new boss at the end. After completing this mission, players will then be taken to Destiny 2’s main hub.

At this point, players can go about accessing the Tower’s vendors and queues without having to play through a ton of missions. Anyone who wants to experience the Red War campaign from Destiny 2’s launch, no worries — those quests are still in the game, and can be activated by speaking to Amanda Holliday.

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