Final Fantasy 7 Remake Anniversary Trailer Brings Back Familiar Faces

Final Fantasy 7 launched 23 years ago today, January 31. To mark the occasion, Square Enix released a new trailer for its upcoming FF7 Remake for PS4, featuring the theme song, more battle footage, and a ton of familiar characters we haven’t seen shown in the remake yet.

The theme song is called “Hollow,” and it was composed by Nobuo Uematsu. It’s playing in the background of most of the trailer, so you can only catch it in snippets in between the action. Fortunately the action itself is pretty exciting for Final Fantasy fans, as it provides our first official look at iconic characters like Red-XIII.

The trailer also spends a significant amount of time introducing various members of the Shinra organization, including Scarlet, Reeve, and Palmer. In addition, we get an extended view of some new fight scenes, and a lot more detail about Cloud’s cross-dressing adventure at the Honey Bee Inn. Some of these new tidbits were known via a prior leak.

The FF7 Remake was recently delayed to April 10, from its original release date of March 3. The studio said at the time it was to get a few extra weeks so it could “deliver you with the best possible experience.” In the meantime, Square Enix is capitalizing on the fans’ love of the classic with merch like a pricey watch. For more details, check out our FF7 Remake pre-order guide.

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