Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 15 Walkthrough: The Day Midgar Stood Still (Spoiler-Free)

The battle against Shinra continues in Chapter 15 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We’ve scoured every corner of Midgar to bring you a spoiler-free walkthrough, detailing every secret, side-quest, and boss fight. Read on to find everything you need to know to complete “The Day Midgar Stood Still.”

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Chapter 15 Walkthrough: The Day Midgar Stood Still

The journey up to the plate is pretty straightforward, although you’ll occasionally face fights with a variety of enemies as you go. Watch out for the new Elite Helitrooper enemies, which you’ll want to hit with Wind magic, and the Blast Ray, which is a hardened robotic enemy that’s weak to Lightning. Staggering the Blast Ray isn’t impossible, but it’ll create an energy field that pushes your characters away that makes it hard to deal a lot of damage.

Head through town and start climbing. At 55M Above Ground Level by your map’s reckoning, run to the back of the second distillation tower to find a chest with a mega-potion inside.

Keep moving until you hit a vending machine beside a set of stairs. You can purchase the Lurking in the Darkness Music Disc from it before pushing on. Around the corner to the right, you’ll find a chest with 3,000 gil inside, guarded by two 3-C Soldiers and an Elite Helitrooper.

You’ll soon come up against your first Blast Ray. The robot carries missiles and will lock onto one of your team for an attack called Concentrated Fire–when that happens, try to get behind cover as best you can, or at least block as much damage as you can. Lightning and melee attacks; if you can get behind cover when it targets your characters, do so, to avoid some powerful laser beams. Focused Strike, Focused Thrust, and Focused Shot will push up its stagger meter, but if you stagger it, you’ll find it’s almost impossible to get close enough to land melee ATB attacks; focus on ranged damage to make the most of it.

Once you destroy the Blast Ray, you’ll start climbing a big orange crane. Run around the back of the round catwalk to find a chest with a hi-potion inside, along with a bunch of crates. Up the next ladder, head to the left to find another small ladder that’ll lead you to a chest containing smelling salts.

Ahead, you’ll cross a narrow beam at 145M Above Ground Level, then fight some monsters, including a Cerulean Drake. Before you continue on the path that makes you shimmy along a narrow ledge, look at the scaffolding in the west corner of the area for a spot you can hit with your grapple gun. That’ll take you to a chest that’ll give you a Magician’s Bracelet armor.

You’ll face a handful of enemies and two Blast Rays up ahead. Take out the other enemies as quickly as you can, then focus on a single robot while being careful to avoid the Blast Rays’ strongest attacks. Work on one enemy until you can stagger it to give yourself some breathing room, then turn your attention to the other if you’re having trouble dealing much damage on the first. Stagger your attacks until you can eliminate both Blast Rays–but be careful when they’re destroyed, as their explosions can damage you.

Before you go much further, you’ll finally face the Valkyrie boss that’s been following you around. Make sure to use the bench near the construction

Boss Fight: Valkyrie

Make sure you have Thunder and Wind Materia equipped, preferably with an Elemental linked. The Valkyrie takes big damage from these elements, both in magic form and when attached to a melee. If you can hit it with a few big spells in a row, you should be able to stagger it.

For the most part, this fight isn’t too difficult, thanks to the fact that the Valkyrie can only really target one of your squad at a time. Switch to whoever has the right elemental spells, wait for the Valkyrie to draw a bead on you, then duck behind a piece of concrete or other cover to avoid getting shot up. When your ATB bar fills, fire off a spell, and repeat the process while the rest of your team deals damage while you keep the Valkyrie’s attention.

In the second phase of the fight, the Valkyrie will get more aggressive, sweeping in with its attacks rather than staying stationary. Your tactics don’t need to change too much, except that you should run around more to keep away from the boss, especially when it does its Napalm attack run. A Barrier spell will help you absorb the damage you can’t avoid from gunfire, but mostly, just keep up the same rotation of Thunder and Wind spells against the boss. When the boss goes for its Fire Wheel attack, run in circles around whatever debris is on the battlefield to keep it from catching you.

The third phase sees the Valkyrie fire off a drone into the sky, which will then float round the battlefield, trying to fire a big blue laser at you. The boss, meanwhile, will have a barrier of its own up called Limiter, which will absorb your magic and make it difficult to deal any real damage. You want to draw the drone toward the boss and trick it into using the laser on the Valkyrie–that’ll knock out the barrier and open the boss up so you can blast it with Thunder, Wind, and melee strikes. You should stagger it without much trouble, allowing you to finish it off.

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