Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Dress Guide – How To Change His Wall Market Outfit

Note: This post contains light spoilers for Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We recommend you play through the chapter first before reading this guide.

In your mission to infiltrate the mansion of the reclusive Don Corneo during Chapter 9, Cloud must disguise himself in a dress. Like Tifa and Aerith, the look Cloud has during this section will change depending on which side-quests you’ve recently completed.

Below we’ve got a full rundown of everything you need to know to unlock Cloud’s three dresses, and you can find more information about finding every single dress for Aerith and Tifa with our Wall Market Dress Guide. If you manage to get every single dress across multiple playthroughs, you’ll earn the “Dressed to the Nines” trophy.

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No Chapter 9 Side-Quests Completed

Instead of completing any quests while you wait for Aerith to get dressed, just double-back to Madam M’s and enter when prompted.

Complete “The Party Never Stops” and “Dynamite Bodies” Side-Quests

Most of the choices you make in Chapter 9, including following Johnny to the Honey Bee, will result in you getting two of four possible quests: “The Party Never Stops,” which you’ll take on with Johnny, and the “Dynamite Bodies” fight in the Corneo Colosseum.

Complete “The Price of Thievery” and “Shears’ Counterattack”

If you take the right actions in Chapter 9, you’ll switch “The Party Never Stops” and “Dynamite Bodies” for two different (non-Johnny) quests. Unlocking them requires you to choose the “luxury” option for 3,000 gil at Madam M’s. Do that, and you should get the “The Price of Thievery” and “Shears’ Counterattack” side-quests.

Complete the two new side-quests to get Cloud’s last dress.

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