Fortnite now lets you play with more friends thanks to new 16 player parties

Fortnite may be a battle royale game on its surface, but over the last year it’s also morphed into a place to meet friends and spend time together in a digital space. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Epic has increased the party limit in Fortnite’s big team game modes to 16 players.

This new feature is called Large Party Support and was announced in a tweet on Tuesday morning. Players can group up in these large parties in any of Fortnite’s larger modes like Team Rumble, Creative, or even Endgame (while it lasts).

The idea of larger parties is something that players have been requesting from Epic since Limited Time Modes first launched. Modes like 50vs50 seemed like perfect fits for players to get more friends into matches. These big team game modes have always been fan favorites, and that’s not likely to change now that large groups of friends can join matches together.

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