Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut rated by the ESRB, even though it hasn’t been announced

It seems a new version of Ghost of Tsushima is on the way, at least according to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is listed on the video game ratings organization’s website despite the fact Sony hasn’t officially announced it yet.

Without that announcement, it’s not quite clear what a Director’s Cut of the 2020 open-world adventure might include. Ghost of Tsushima got a multiplayer expansion, a new game plus mode, and a next-gen upgrade since its launch last July. But all of that content was released for free.

Fans have also speculated that a PC version of the game could be on the way, similar to the PC launches of PlayStation exclusives like Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn. Yet the ESRB listing only mentions PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 has part of the rating for the Director’s Cut.

One possible explanation could be the recent leak, and domain registration, of something called Ghost of Ikishima. Uncovered by industry insider Shpeshal_Nick, that could be a full, standalone expansion to the original game, and if so, it’s possible that a Director’s Cut of Ghost of Tsushima could contain both the original and its standalone expansion.

Neither Sony nor Sucker Punch have made any announcements about Ghost of Tsushima’s future yet. Polygon has reached out to a Sony representative for more information.

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