God of War Ragnarok is the finale in the Norse saga

God of War’s sequel, teased one year ago, now has an official name. It’s God of War Ragnarok, and the new trailer is our most in-depth look we’ve seen yet. The game was delayed to 2022 earlier this year.

The story returns to Midgard, where Kratos immigrated with his son, Atreus, following the defeat of the Olympian gods. As the title implies, both will now be involved in the eschatological conclusion of Norse mythology, and presumably the rebirth of their world. During a more in-depth look following the event, Sony said it’s the finale for the Norse saga. That’s also where the studio confirmed that Ryan Hearst (Sons of Anarchy) will voice Thor, while Richard Schiff (The West Wing) will play Odin. Freya, too, was shown as one of the other antagonists of the game.

Image: PlayStation/Twitch

More details are outlined on the PlayStation blog.

Sony Santa Monica Studio’s trailer acquainted viewers with the backstory from 2018’s acclaimed God of War for PlayStation 4. Though not a reboot of the 16-year-old hack-and-slash adventure series, it is a canonical “reimagining” of the franchise, as director Cory Barlog characterized it at the time.

The 2018 game got a free upgrade patch in early February, enhancing it for PS5 with frame rate targets of 30 frames per second or 60 fps at a checkerboarded 4K resolution. It’s also part of the 20-game PlayStation Plus Collection, a downloadable library of full titles available to every PS5 owner with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

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