Iron Man PSVR Bundle Announced–Includes Everything You Need To Play

One of Marvel’s biggest heroes is coming to PlayStation VR this summer. After a few release date delays, Iron Man VR will finally launch for PSVR on July 3, and if you’re thinking about buying the virtual reality system just to play the game, you’ve now got a great option for doing so. Sony announced a brand-new Iron Man PSVR bundle will release alongside the game in July, and it includes the game itself along with everything you need to play. It’s available to pre-order starting today in the US, Canada, and many South American countries for $350 USD / $450 CAD. As of right now, we’re only seeing it available at PlayStation Direct, but we expect more retailers will post listings soon.

Pre-order Iron Man PSVR bundle

PlayStation VR Iron Man bundle

In Iron Man VR, the PlayStation Move motion controllers are used to control Iron Man’s Repulsor Jets as he blasts through the sky toward his next mission, and you’ll also use them to control the arsenal of Iron Man gear at your fingertips. In the game, you’ll also be able to upgrade Tony Stark’s tech, customize Iron Man’s armor and abilities, and take to the skies to battle the new enemies on his tail.

Fortunately, Sony has already confirmed that the current PSVR headset will be compatible with PlayStation 5 when that system launches, so you don’t have to worry about this headset becoming outdated anytime soon.

Sony also announced a free demo of Iron Man VR is available to play right now on the PlayStation Store, so those who already own a PSVR system can dive into a few early missions starting today. Those who play the demo will also unlock the exclusive Molten Lava Armo Deco when they buy the full game.

The game itself is up for pre-order and includes several pre-order bonuses and a Digital Deluxe Edition. For more information on pre-ordering Iron Man VR, including its pricing and what’s included in its editions, see our Iron Man VR pre-order guide.

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