Marshawn Lynch is now fighting the Predator

Marshawn Lynch, the fan-favorite running back whose post-NFL acting career has seen roles in Westworld, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, joined the roster of Predator: Hunting Grounds on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday. He stars as Dante “Beast Mode” Jefferson, and packs a custom rocket launcher capable of wiping out the extraterrestrial sportsman.

Illfonic announced Lynch’s appearance on Tuesday morning, giving his character a canonical backstory. Jefferson, according to the studio, was the only survivor of a covert operation in Thailand that took his unit up against the Predator. This won him a starting job on the Other Worldly Life Forms Program, led by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jefferson’s B34S-T bazooka is the only rocket launcher in the game. Players will also get access a bunch more weapons with the update: At level 43, they’ll unlock a grenade launcher that fires proximity sensing mines to help them hunt the Predator. At level 80, they get an EMP mine that will knock out the Predator’s cloak “and send their whole system into overload.” And at level 135, they get a plasma rifle, whose high velocity energy bursts deal a lot of damage.

Predator: Hunting Grounds launched in April for PS4 and Windows PC; it’s an asymmetrical co-operative/competitive multiplayer shooter, pitting four human soldiers against one player-controlled Predator. Despite its star power and callbacks to the 1987 sci-fi action flick, we weren’t impressed; our review called it dull and repetitive in ways that updates and additional polish might not help.

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