Naughty Dog Offers A Promising Last Of Us: Part 2 Development Update

The Last of Us: Part II is one of the most anticipated PS4 games of the moment, but things have been pretty quiet since the game’s E3 2018 gameplay reveal. However, developer Naughty Dog has now offered a small glimpse into the post-apocalyptic game’s development progress.

Creative director Neil Druckmann tweeted an image of the game’s final script page. The page simply reads, “Cut to black. The end.” His caption, meanwhile, states the team has finished shooting that scene.

The image comes just a few days after Druckmann posted an image on Instagram stating Laura Bailey, who plays an as-yet-unknown character, has wrapped her shooting schedule on the project. It therefore appears Naughty Dog has finished–or is close to finishing–shooting its motion capture scenes.

While development of the game could still be ongoing for a while yet, finishing this stage is nevertheless an important milestone. In any case, many fans feel they’ve been starved of information about The Last of Us: Part II, so to see it approaching the end of at least one important phase of development is a promising step.

That’s a performance capture wrap for @laurabaileyvo ! Thanks for helping to bring one of my favorite characters to life. You crushed it.

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No release date, or window, has yet been announced for The Last of Us: Part II. A spoof website recently reported the game would launch in 2019, but Naughty Dog responded by saying it would share more information when it’s ready. For more on the much-awaited PS4 game, check out everything we know about The Last of Us: Part II.

While we know The Last of Us: Part II is coming to PS4, Sony has, somewhat surprisingly, released the first details about the PS5. We know some of the device’s specs, while Sony has already confirmed the PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games.

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