New Fall Guys update brings snowy shenanigans

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released its mid-season “3.5” patch today, continuing the winter vibe of season 3. The update brings a live feed for spectators, variants of old courses, and a new winter-inspired course called “Snowball Survival”— just in time for the blizzard that hit the East coast.

In Snowball Survival, you run around on the dissolving floor of a giant slime bowl as you try to escape from multiple giant snowballs. As the floor dissolves, it gets harder and harder to dodge giant cotton candy-like snowballs, which send the beans flying.

The update also revamps a variety of old stages by introducing over 40 variations to current courses. These changes will switch up the game by adding new hidden traps, so your regular route might not be safe anymore.

As far as features go, the new “Fall Feed” will allow you to keep a closer watch on others while spectating and update you with every elimination and point scored.

And if you’re just in it for the silly skins, you can now buy Godzilla, Goose Game, and Sonic costumes in the main store, as a treat. The update is live now on Playstation 4, Android, and Windows.

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