Nioh 2 targeted for early 2020 release

The U.S. PlayStation YouTube account uploaded, then quickly removed, a Nioh 2 trailer for Tokyo Game Show that promises an “early 2020” launch for Team Ninja’s action RPG. Several other YouTubers caught the video before it disappeared; we’ve embedded it above.

The video is entirely in Japanese, but it does show off in-engine scenes and gameplay, as well as the characters, enemies, and fearsome yokai that players will encounter. Apparently, that’s a younger Oda Nobunaga at the end.

Screenshots released last month showed that Nioh 2’s main character will be able to transform into yokai as well. That transformation carries the player character into the yokai’s Dark Realm, and the boss battles there will pack more punch.

The first Nioh, a challenging “masocore” hack-and-slash, launched in February 2017 and was very well received, both commercially and critically. Koei Tecmo announced a sequel at PlayStation’s E3 2018. At the time, Fumihiko Yasuda, the first game’s director, said Nioh 2 would add character customizations that allow players to choose their gender and race.

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